Support, assistance and legal advice

Support, assistance and legal advice2018-07-16T09:58:45+01:00

The Advocate of the Principle of Equality offers independent help to victims of discrimination, namely in the form of aid when taking initiatives; information about discrimination and legal protection against discrimination; advice and legal assistance in exercising individual rights in connection with protection against discrimination in procedures associated with discrimination (e.g. what legal means are available to an individual and how to use them before other state authorities, etc.).

In specific cases, the Advocate of the Principle of Equality may also represent a discriminated person in judicial proceedings or accompany them in judicial proceedings when a discriminated person authorises him or consents to it. The Advocate of the Principle of Equality decides on whether he will participate in a judicial proceeding in a particular case particularly given: his strategic priorities, the nature of the case, his personnel and financial resources, and the findings in the specific case of determining discrimination. The Advocate of the Principle of Equality evaluates the latter for each individual case.