As of 24 May 2016, the Advocate of the Principle of Equality was formally established, which is now in the process of establishment and providing basic conditions for operation. Your requests to address discrimination can not be professionally addressed without properly qualified personnel for conducting administrative procedures. Reports which are submitted during this time will be addressed as soon as possible, depending on the personnel capabilities of the authority.

We kindly ask you to include all essential and mandatory information in your requests to address discrimination, as defined by Article 36 of the Protection against Discrimination Act, i.e.:

  • Personal name or company name or another title and permanent or temporary residence or headquarters of the requester;
  • The opposite side or the violator, if the latter is known to the requester, their address of permanent or temporary residence or headquarters;
  • Circumstances, personal names and contact details of any witnesses or other information in connection with the matter showing that discrimination has occurred;
  • Contact details of the requester;
  • Handwritten signature of the requester.

A request to address discrimination can also be submitted anonymously, in this case information from the second and third indents of the previous paragraph is sufficient.

A request to address discrimination may also be submitted via a form, which must be, if not submitted anonymously, personally signed. Print the completed form and send it personally signed by mail to the following address: Advocate of the Principle of Equality, Železna cesta 16, 1000 Ljubljana, but you can also scan it and send to the Advocate of the Principle of Equality by e-mail:

If you encounter any unclarity while filling out the form, please call us during office hours on the phone number +386 (0)1 4735 531.

Proposal to address discrimination (PDF)