The European Commission as the guardian of the European Union’s regulation is responsible for designing legislative proposals and policies of the European Union and for proper and full implementation of European Union acquis. The area of the fight against discrimination within the European Commission is covered by the Directorate General for Justice and Consumers. The European Commission has accepted multiple measures on fighting discrimination, intended in particular to:

• Improve knowledge about discrimination by raising awareness among residents about their rights and liabilities and positive effects of diversity;
• Support indirect actors (NGOs, social partners, authorities for equality) in order to improve their capacity to fight discrimination;
• Support the development of equality policies at national level and to promote the exchange of good practice between EU countries;
• Achieve change in the fight against discrimination with training activities to fight discrimination;
• Promote the development of diversity and inclusion policies in the workplace.

To ensure proper application of European Union rights to equal treatment in practice, the European Commission has recommended that Member States shall endeavour to:

• Increase public awareness about anti-discrimination rights, to concentrate on those who are the most at risk, and to include employers and trade unions in these efforts. The European Commission provides funding for such activities and has published a practical guide for victims of discrimination;
• Facilitate reporting about discrimination for victims by improving access to mechanisms for appeal. National authorities for promoting equality play a pivotal role, whereby the European Commission supports networking of authorities to promote equality and ensures that they can efficiently perform their duties in accordance with the requirements of EU legislation;
• Ensure access to judicial protection for victims of discrimination. The European Commission’s guide for victims includes specific guidelines about how to file a complaint of discrimination and to continue with the process, whereby the European Commission also funds training for lawyers and NGOs representing victims of discrimination regarding how to use EU legislation on equality;
• Address special discrimination faced by the Roma, as part of their national Roma integration strategies.